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Streamlined Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption Do not send this form to the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. Send the completed form to the seller and keep a copy for your records. This is a
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Okay so I forgot to mention this in the beginning of the video when I first shot it, but please please please do your research before you get into anything before you start filling out any documents if you're unsure and Music aren't like a hundred percent when you're filling out anything make sure to consult with the but like a tax expert or a legal expert don't take what I say as the complete truth don't take what anyone says on the internet has a complete truth I'm just someone online posting what I'm posting what I'm doing doesn't mean it right doesn't mean it could be a lot different in your state so just make sure you do your research okay hey guys, so I got my self tax certificate the other day and basically what a sales tax certificate is it allows you to collect sales tax for your state and remit them to the state at the end of each quarter it took me about a month to get because takes time to process no I don't think it wasn't one actually when you at least for New York when you go to their website they tell you to schedule the effective date twenty days from the day that you submit, so technically it's been a month by the time I actually got to start like by the time I submit all the documents to the sources it'll probably be a whole month so yeah here it is I'm walking out my personal info, so you know people don't come and stalk me I hate stalkers no I just like I don't I don't want to be killed up in my own house for whatever reason that's a pretty morbid way to look at it but just to be safe you never know so yeah I'm going to sew things I have to do right now I have to fill out the resale certificate and the multi jurisdiction certificate, and I'll go to the screen screencast for that so is that what it's called all right, so I'm kind of salty because I am redoing this video I shot it once and for some reason QuickTime wasn't recording the audio but was recording the video I don't know, so this is New York State's resale certificate and the reason you want to get a resale certificate is because suppliers can give you tax exemption if you provide them with this document along with the sales tax certificate that you registered for with the Department of text and Finance and the reason you want to do this is that it makes you more competitive in eBay it lets you price your items lower which you know allows you to get more sales hopefully if you're doing all the other parts right like titling the item appropriately you know conducting good business getting good reviews etc and yeah let's just dive into it here you would put the name of Celery their dress their city where they're located you can just look that up for example if you're using Amazon just put on Amazon here and all their information here you would put the name of the purchaser so in this case you just put your information in here I'm not going to do it right now since you know marking necks in the appropriate box so here if they ask you to choose between single-use and...
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